A report on nizar qabbani and his poems

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A report on nizar qabbani and his poems

From the jasmine tree-lined courtyards of Nizar Qabbani's Damascene homes to the flooded riverbanks of Langston Hughes ' Harlem Renaissance poems, Kennedy Center Citizen Artist Omar Offendum, accompanied by oud Middle Eastern lute virtuoso Ronnie Malley, percussionists, and a DJ, will deliver a one-of-a-kind performance that bridges the ancient oral and musical traditions of the Middle East and North Africa with contemporary hip-hop and spoken word.

For this intimate event, audiences will be seated on the Ford stage with the artists. Known for blending hip-hop and Arabic poetry, he has lectured at a number of museums, educational and cultural institutions including The John F.

A report on nizar qabbani and his poems

A graduate of the University of Virginia's School of Architecture, he has helped raise millions of dollars for various humanitarian relief groups and has been able to carve a distinct path for himself as a thoughtful entertainer and activist able to speak to a multitude of relevant issues over the course of his decade-long career.

Offendum explains, "Poetry is the backbone of the Arabic language and holds such a huge place in Arabic, Middle Eastern and North African cultures. Through this exposure to poetry, from the medieval ages to modern day, he was able to link it to the hip-hop he was listening to.

A report on nizar qabbani and his poems

Both the music and the poetry aimed for a kind of storytelling that connected emotion and expression. As Offendum grew up, he became more aware of the demonization of people from the Arab world in the media, and thought poetry and hip-hop could help explain his culture from a familiar perspective and break down cultural barriers.

Speaking for them is important to me when they're telling me to use the platform that I have to tell their stories. If you create art that is engaging, entertaining, thoughtful and gives people pause, you're creating spaces that allow the building of solidarity between communities.

At the Ford, we work hard to create a space where everyone feels welcome, where opportunities for deeper cross-cultural understanding can take place. Omar Offendum's use of hip-hop, poetry and music to engage audiences about what is happening brings these issues to our stage in a very powerful way.

Tickets are available by visiting FordTheatres. About Ronnie Malley Oud Ronnie Malley is a multi-instrumentalist musician, theatrical performer, producer and educator. With a background in global music and performance studies, Ronnie has collaborated with artists internationally and has composed and consulted for many cultural music projects in film and theatre.

The Oud, Ziryab, and Andalusia: The Hang Player, and Jon and Davy. Through his company, Intercultural Music ProductionRonnie has also produced the albums Auraad Fathiya, Saazuk Safar, Tsikago,and Gypsy Surf, and has appeared as a guest artist on several musical works.

He conducts Arabic language artist residencies for Chicago Public Schools and is a teaching artist for music and theatre with Global Voices Initiative.

Starting with organizing school screenings and growing into offering filmmaker services and original programming, AFMI is the place for Arab cinema and its fans, and the home of the Arab Film Festival. Once fully realized, AFMI will comprise of four pillars: For more information, visit arabfilminstitute.

Each summer, the Ford hosts music, dance, theatre, film and family events reflective of the communities that comprise Los Angeles County. Nestled in a canyon of a County regional park in the Cahuenga Pass, the Ford Theatres has a rich history dating back to the s.• Nizar qabbani is a Syrian poet,He borned in ,he is from an old Damascene Family,he studied rights in Syrian university, he worked as diplomatic in ,in his poetic career he wrote political,romantic and national poems.

Nizar Qabbani - Nizar Qabbani Poems. Qabbani was revered by generations of Arabs for his sensual and romantic verse. His work was featured not only in his two dozen volumes of poetry and in regular contributions to the Arabic- language newspaper Al Hayat, but in lyrics sung by Lebanese and Syrian vocalists who helped popularize his work.

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Developer. Poem poetry romantic poetry Gulf Bedouin expressed with pictures expressed poems of thoughts.4/5(4). Jan 07,  · Sorry cant answer question but. Even reading a book by an arab is poetry in itself.

I remember hearing an exceprt of a book called "Gate of the sun" on the plombier-nemours.com: Resolved. Who is? Poetry Nizar Qabbani; Music Nizar Qabbani; Who is? Nizar Qabbani.

Nizar Tawfiq Qabbani (21 March – 30 April ) was a Syrian diplomat, poet and publisher. His poetic style combines simplicity and elegance in exploring themes of love, eroticism, feminism, religion, and Arab nationalism.

Apr 21,  · I think it is important to translate from Arabic to English some will known poet and literature to show how really ‘’the others are thinking).

Qabbani is one of the most popular Arab peot in modern age: ((Nizar Qabbani was buried today in his hometown of Damascus. Nizar Qabbani is .

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