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A Kentucky preacher-turned-politician's web of lies By R.

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Get this must-read book! These veteran teachers refute the over—promised claims of Ed—Tech peddlers, and show us Author expose screens undermine learning and leave kids unable to think on their own. They are a glossy distraction from the real intellectual work of learning.

All parents who are dismayed by the dominance of technology in their kids' lives struggle with the fear that they are out-of-touch and old-fashioned.

They should read this book. It will provide them with clarity and confidence. They are absolutely right to want to reduce "screen schooling.

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Clement and Miles do not dismiss computer screens. They are young enough to understand how the new devices work and how they can help teaching. But they are also excellent writers who dramatically reveal out often electronics interfere with understanding.

Author expose

Don't miss the story of why the political cartoon lesson worked better on big sheets of paper than on Powerpoint. Nicholas Kardaras, author of Glow Kids: This book is mandatory reading for teachers and parents alike.

Rather than becoming better problem solvers, kids look to Google to answer their questions for them. Rather than becoming the great equalizer, electronic devices are widening the achievement gap. On a mission to educate and empower parents, Clement and Miles provide many real-world examples and cite multiple studies showing how technology use has created a wide range of cognitive and social deficits in our young people.

They provide action steps parents can take to demand change and make a compelling case for simpler, smarter, more effective forms of teaching and learning.Andrew Mearns’s The Bitter Cry of Outcast London is acknowledged as a pivotal document in nineteenth-century British housing reform.

It offers an exposé of the housing conditions in one section of South London in and concludes with a call for social reform. The former British spy who composed the infamous dossier of unverified claims about the presidential campaign of Donald Trump was “very concerned” that the firing of then-FBI Director James.

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Author expose
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