Backstage element of service industry

Elements to Succeed in the Marketplace May 27, by Richa A business that offers a set of services to customers, whether it is in hospitality, travel, healthcare or professional services like a lawyer, engineer, architect etc. Whatever the kind of services your business offers, you need a marketing plan to promote it and create the right service marketing mix to communicate your offerings to your audience. This course can help you get started on creating a marketing plan for your business.

Backstage element of service industry

Jonathan Morello CEO, President, Founder With an academic background in computer science, specializing in information systems, Jonathan has a disposition to challenge and disrupt traditional paper and pen models.

Armed with over 10 years of trade experience, he approaches issues with an out-of-the-box perspective. Nael Hatto Director of Digital Passionate digital marketer who possesses an extensive background with consumer goods, retail, B2B and B2C industries along with strong combination of project management, budgeting, creative, technical and analytical capabilities in all stages of marketing.

Known for building strong relationships with cross-functional partners; collaborating with IT, merchandising, design, product development, product marketing and web teams to drive outstanding performance and revenue growth.

Proven ability to manage complex, multidisciplinary projects from concept to execution, operating effectively at both strategic and tactical levels.

Backstage element of service industry

She believes the accounting department to be a very important part of every company, providing much needed information in a uniform and organized manner for management to track their growth and continue to build on the business. Her attention to details, reactivity and energetic personality lead her to BSC.

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She is excited to start this new chapter! His strong fashion sense led him to work at Mackage as an Account Executive in Montreal before joining Backstage Commerce. Detailed oriented, well organized and self-sufficient, Arthur manages to keep a smile no matter what the issues are, a fresh addition to the team.

She is passionate about everything related to accounting as well as beauty and fashion. Joining BSC is a new chapter for her and she is looking forward to apply her communication skills. Dynamic, hardworking and always smiling, Fiona is excited to tackle challenges along the way.

A drastic change in environment, however with the same attention to detail it requires to manage a successful Social media campaign.

Elisa loves writing, developing, analyzing, and socializing with the online community within the beauty industry, so her mandate with BSC, Inc. Along with her great work ethic and creativity, Elisa is excited to grow our online social media presence for the assortment of BSC brands.

Her vision of graphic design is a language where aesthetic combines with practicality as it "looks nice" when it "works well". After working in the fashion industry, she decided to join the BSC team to learn and grow. Florence is excited by the idea to face new challenges everyday.

HEC Montreal graduate, she obtained her B.

Backstage element of service industry

She then worked in Brand Development for a clothing distribution company, where she developed their American East Coast market.

Her efficiency in a fast-paced environment and her organizational skills lead her to the Category Manager position.

Elements of Service Marketing Mix

Always ready for a new challenge, she is looking forward to start this next step at BSC. She is very passionate about this industry and look forward to use her knowledge to deliver the ultimate customer service experience.

Part of the coop program, she previously was intern at Mobilia where she had the opportunity to develop skills in analytics and writing by interacting with social media platforms. Really curious and enthusiastic, she loves interacting with people with different background and learning from them.

She is passionate by health and beauty and hopes to acquire more knowledge in this industry while continuing developing new marketing skills. Chiara is driven, goal-oriented and also appreciates the fashion industry. Other activities enjoyed by Chiara are public speaking, and kickboxing.

Linda Loureiro Brand Manager, Eastern Canada Linda Loureiro started in the Hair Beauty world 29 years ago, earning experience on-site with many different exceptional hairdressers.

Part time Hair Color Specialist, Linda is a perfectionist. Her Artistic side makes her a better Colorist; working for the love of bringing a smile and confidence back to her clients.

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Hair styling for 10 years and counting, he has worked with the majority of styling and straightening products and has always been drawn to the technical side of things. She has owned and operated a beauty salon which sponsors many professional athletes and local celebrities. She is a true motivator and believes hard work, passion and determination is the definition of success.

His passion is finding ways to streamline processes and making things run smoothly and efficiently.Backstage Customer Service Number, Contact Number Backstage Customer Service Phone Number Helpline Toll Free Contact Number with Office Address Email Address and Website. Get all communications details reviews .

The four key elements in such a system are: (The content of each element will naturally vary from company to company and is in essence the service strategy of the company.


But all elements must be considered and in place.) Service Culture is built on elements of leadership principles, norms, work habits and vision, mission and values.

Culture. Services Marketing Study Material 1.

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Recognize the major changes occurring in the service sector and how they impact competition. The service sector is going through a period of almost revolutionary change and many service businesses are struggling to cope with an .

Slide © by Christopher Lovelock and Jochen Wirtz Kunz - Services Marketing 6 Service Marketing System for a High-Contact Service (Fig ) The.

The service blueprint is an applied process chart which shows the service delivery process from the customer's perspective. The service blueprint has become one of the most widely used tools to manage service operations, service design and service positioning.

Bridging the "Front Stage" and "Back Stage" in Service System Design SSME @ HICSS: 8 January Robert J. Glushko University of California, Berkeley.

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