Bullies need a harsher punishment

How to prevent bullying: We need to change the behavior of bystanders, and we need to understand what causes kids to repeatedly intimidate, harass, or physically harm their peers.

Bullies need a harsher punishment

The punishments for cyber bullying should be stricter to prevent these crimes from happening. Cyber bullying is harassment over the internet or cell phones targeted at minors. Bullying is something that always goes on during school. When the students go home that is where the bullying stops. With cyber bullying it continues at home.

The students never get a break from the harassment. The internet and cell phones are a big part of our everyday life. A large amount of people are on social networks, like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook constantly through the day. These social networks are one of the main areas where the cyber bullying happens.

Bullies need a harsher punishment

Cyber bullying also happens over texts. There are so many tragic results that come from cyber bullying. A lot of students become stress out and it affects their school work. Stricter punishment for those who conduct the bullying would greatly help this problem.

Few of the punishments for students who are bullying people over the internet are meeting with parents and or being suspend or expel. For students that bully their peers and cause their victims to kill themselves there should be punishment by the school and by law enforcement.

The students should be charged like adults. Teenagers can be very cruel towards their peers. The cruelty gets worse over the internet. When a person takes their own life because of someone constant cruel torture, something has to done.

Stricter laws will help prevent this tragic problem. Cyber bullying needs to be stopped. Opposing Viewpoints In Context.Nov 03,  · We need to do more than talk the talk; we have to walk the walk. This guidance is long overdue.

The recent bullying tragedies that have received a great deal . Why Punishment Won't Stop a Bully in our country by sending each cluster of victims our "thoughts and prayers"—or else it refers to a policy of harsh punishment for bullies.

If we need a. Mar 31,  · After reading a story about 9 kids indicted after a student comitted suicide I thought back to my days in school and remembered how bad bullying was back then.

Some kids are relentless bullies verbally or physically beating others down from the time school starts till the time it ends.

The biggest thing I remember is though the student handbooks always said there were no tolerance for these Status: Resolved.

How to prevent bullying: What studies tell us about empathy and laying blame

Those Who Favor Cyberbullying Laws Others argue that intent is not always necessary for a crime to be commited or for the act itself to be punishable. Those who favor stricter laws against cyberbullying believe that bullies should be held accountable for their irresponsible cruelty whether or not suicide was the expected result.

Bullying is still an issue in many schools and some believe that it's because the punishments aren't strict enough. Should schools have harsher punishments for bullying?

I think that the current punishments are harsh enough. you need to reconnect your Toluna account with Facebook or disconnect the two accounts for now. Bullies need to recognize that no matter the reason behind his bullying behavior, bullying was a choice he made.

And he is responsible for his actions. As a result, you need to be sure that the bully owns his choice and accepts responsibility for his actions.

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