Freud three essays on sexuality read online

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Freud three essays on sexuality read online

Freud considered these essays to be his second greatest work. His most important work, according to him was The Interpretation of Dreams.

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Freud began developing these theories after working with female patients. Most of these patients were loosely diagnosed to suffer from hysteria. The symptoms for this term were quite varied.

Freud three essays on sexuality read online

For instance, symptoms as paralysis or insomnia were diagnosed to be hysteria. It also included psychotic instances and wild mood swings. Interestingly, one of the common ways of treating it was for a doctor to cause the patient to have an orgasm.

This may have had a great influence on Sigmund Freud's work. He was the first to use hypnosis in treating patients that were diagnosed with hysteria.

However, Freud abandoned the practice later in his career, finding it to be ineffective. Freud's own success came from dealing with patients who had psychosomatic illnesses.

He theorized that the symptoms, which these patients were experiencing, were due to repression of sexual desires.

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Consequently, Freud postulated that treatment of these symptoms was by bringing these suppressed desired into the conscious mind. Freud's work has generated a lot of controversy, especially among feminist groups.

They view Freud's work as a sexist. However, newer theories into human sexuality are still based on the original Freudian theories. These opponents are particularly offended by the use of the term "normal". They argue that normal is subjective and thus Freud's work is flawed.

Freud did also observe that people with "normal" sexual tendencies were not normal afterall. He claimed that there was no normal sexual behavior. On the issue of pedophiles, Freud had an interesting observation.

Freud three essays on sexuality read online

He characterized such perverse feelings as originating form fear. For instance, animals, which were unable to mate successfully with others, would take their frustrations out on young ones. Thus, he observed that pedophilia was not innate but rather grew out of fear. Despite the major flaws, Freud does make a number of important points.

This work was based on famous sexologists of his time. He read their theories and observed their work before coming up with his own theory. The first part of this work is dedicated to studying sexual behaviors that were not "normal".

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In his work, Freud observed a number of different sexual orientations, which he had observed such as homosexuality and bisexual tendencies. Freud observed that some of this individuals have always had this attraction since birth while others developed this "condition" after a certain trigger.

Sigmund Freud was the first to give detailed description of how children experienced sexual pleasure. He described that children experience pleasure through mechanical processes such as being flung in the air.

He claimed that the sense of fear they experience followed by a sense of calmness was an intense source of sexual pleasure.freud three essays on sexuality read online freud three essays on sexuality read online essay for college magazine Sigmund Freud Three Essays On The Theory Of Three Essays on the Theory of Sexuality has 4, ratings and reviews.

Three Essays on the Theory of Sexuality Sexual Abberations Infantile Sexuality Transformations of Puberty "At the turn of the last century, Freud produced the Three Essays and The Interpretation of Dreams, the two pillars upon which the whole of his psychoanalysis sits like a the two, it is the Three Essays, with its outline of "the libido theory," that has again an/5.

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Three Essays on the Theory of Sexuality - Study Guide: Table of contents: Summary Biography Background. Three essays on the theory three essays on the theory of sexuality full text sexuality - sigmund freud - download as pdf file pdftext file txt or read online aborda o tema da teoria psicanalista da sexualidade.

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Freud Three Essays On Sexuality Read Online