Gooseberry season by simon armitage essay

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Gooseberry season by simon armitage essay

He appeared at noon, asking for water. We made him a bed and he slept till Monday. A week went by and he hung up his coat. Then a month, and not a stroke of work, a word of thanks, a farthing of rent or a sign of him leaving. One evening he mentioned a recipe for smooth, seedless gooseberry sorbet but by then I was tired of him: He was smoking my pipe as we stirred his supper.

Where does the hand become the wrist? Where does the neck become the shoulder. We ran him a bath and held him under, dried him off and dressed him and loaded him into the back of the pick-up. Then we drove without headlights to the county boundary, dropped the tailgate, and after my boy had been through his pockets we dragged him like a mattress across the meadow and on the count of four threw him over the border.

This is not general knowledge, except in gooseberry season, which reminds me, and at the table I have been known to raise an eyebrow, or scoop the sorbet into five equal portions, for the hell of it. I mention this for good reason.

Using the information you have assembled in the table above, think of three or more likely themes or scenarios that you would expect in any poem about a gooseberry season. What you have just done in this exercise is to reveal some of your personal expectations about the subject of a Gooseberry Season.

We all sub-consciously gather to us expectations about the world around based on what we see, hear, experience and read.

These expectations linger in our unconscious mind and then when we read something on the topic, whether in a poem, novel, magazine article, movie, we carry those expectations with us. Some writers — and Simon Armitage is one of them — are well aware of this human habit and make use of it play with it to create different effects when writing.

Keep this information about expectations in mind when you read Gooseberry Season and we will get back to it later. Understanding a poem is a process of unpacking and exploring — and as this process unfolds, one discovers more and more about the poem and the magnificent way language can be molded and manipulated to produce imagery, metaphor, simile, rhythm, humour, which, of course, gives us greater understanding of what being human is all about.

At this stage, we are not looking at what effects the structural elements have or how they relate to meaning. We do that later in the process.

Read through the poem carefully and then answer the following questions: How many stanzas does the poem have? How many lines do the stanzas have? Is there any variation in line number per stanzas? Are lines more-or-less the same length or does the poet vary line-length?

Capitalisation in the poem: Do you notice anything interesting or unusual about the use of capital letters? Look at how the sentences run in the poem.

Gooseberry season by simon armitage essay

What do you notice about them? What type of narrator is used in the poem? Are there any other structural elements that catch your eye? If so, please specify. As concisely as possible, say what happens in the poem. Who is narrating the poem?

What sort of person is this speaker? Does it undergo a change? How is the visitor addressed? Why is the visitor never referred to by name?In Gooseberry Season, Armitage dramatises a murder in a cool, calm way which leaves an eerie aftertaste.

The narrator’s detached tone and unbroken narrative slides over the murder too easily and the disconnection between emotion and action is part of what gives this poem its power. We - and our partners - use cookies to deliver our services and to show you ads based on your interests.

By using our website, you agree to the use of cookies as described in our Cookie Policy. Simon Armitage was born on May 26, , in the village of Marsden, in West Yorkshire, England.

He received an undergraduate degree from Portsmouth University in geography, followed by a master's degree in social work from Manchester University where he researched the impact of television violence on young offenders.

Gooseberry Season by Simon Armitage Which reminds me. He appeared at noon, asking for water. He’d walked from town after losing his job, leaving me a note for his wife and his brother. Gooseberry Season by Simon Armitage Essay Gooseberry Season by Simon Armitage This essay is about the poem which is called “Gooseberry Season” and it’s by Simon Armitage.

I will be looking at the character of father in the poem and look at the different techniques that are used to describe the behaviour of the father. Poets Present Difficult Relationships in The Farmer’s Bride by Charlotte Mew and The Manhunt by Simon Armitage Words | 3 Pages.

Charlotte Mew explores the theme of lack of intimacy during the course of her poem, The Farmers Bride. Various techniques are used to represent the stilted relationship the speaker and his ‘maid’ succumb to.

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