How to write a house insurance claim letter

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How to write a house insurance claim letter

Rising waters and flood damage can cost tens of thousands of dollars to repair. Most homeowner, who has insurance, will want to make a claim. While some insurance companies can take a claim over the phone, an insurance claim letter is always the best way to go.

This letter needs to contain specific information about the incident, and when it occurred. All this is valuable and necessary to a claim.

Since this is a formal letter, make sure it is appropriately set up. A block style format should be observed. The name and address of the claimant, followed by the date and then the name and address of the insurance company should always be on the left hand side.


A subject line would also be appropriate in this type of correspondence. As a matter of fact, make sure this is in the first sentence. You want to make sure your needs are specified loud and clear.

how to write a house insurance claim letter

You need to be very specific in your writing and make sure to not leave out any details. If the carpet in the basement is ruined, say so. Specify the date the incident happened and the event that triggered it.

Are there other homes in the area directly affected?

Letter example to claim insurance due to a house robbery -

Make sure to put as much info as you can in the first paragraph. Did you call in an extraction company? Many people call in extraction services before they call the insurance company.

These companies can remove the water and do their best to save furniture and carpet. Make sure to specify any methods used to try to save the items. These are of the utmost importance.

Oftentimes, mold will set into areas that have had severe water damage. Also state what you believe your policy limits are, if known. Encourage the company to clear the matter up quickly.

This letter, along with picture evidence, is a great way to get the ball rolling on your claim. The sooner you contact the insurance company, the sooner you can have your damages repaired.

End your letter with a formal conclusion and contact information. Sample Insurance Claim Letter.NOTE: This letter is a sample that must be customized to fit the facts of your individual situation and claim. All bracketed and underlined portions must be completed or revised before sending.

Use this letter to challenge excessive depreciation holdbacks on your personal property claim and/or seek a negotiated claim settlement. You are here: Home / Claim Letter / Sample Letter for an Insurance Claim.

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Writing an Insurance Claim Letter (with Sample)

Related Letters: Sample Letter for an Insurance Claim ;. Before you submit anything in writing to your insurance company, you should know how to write an car insurance claim letter stating your demands.

Your insurance claim letter should provide the claims adjuster with the information required to evaluate your claim, and focus on the following. At the beginning of your letter, indicate that you are making a claim and specify the type of claim you are making (e.g., an insurance claim).

State the policy number, if applicable.

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Describe the specific circumstances or details of the claim (for example, that a product is . The Letter That Got My Homeowner's Insurance Company To Pay Up or maintenance” thereby implying that these exclusions apply to the Claim.

You further state in the Letter that the DOB’s. Disputes between customers and home insurers over claim payments occur for many reasons, from fine print buried in a policy to debate over the real cost to fix your house.

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