Pet shop business plan philippines children

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Pet shop business plan philippines children

For those already involved in breeding pets, setting up a pet shop promises a profitable extension of their business. The following are the steps and tips to get you started on this fascinating business: Register your business with all the proper government agencies.

Before you start, get a business name first from the Department of Trade DTI if your business will be a sole proprietorship or from the Securities and Exchange Commission SEC if you plan it to be a corporation or partnership.

Know the laws that govern the sourcing, handling and selling of animals. There are endangered species that cannot be sold legally.

You may also be liable for cruelty to animals if you fail to implement the proper care of the pets, which includes the proper feeding, facilities, and handling.

Choose a location where there are other pet shops or a mall. People buying pets tend to shop around before they buy. They want to check a wide variety so buyers tend to flock to places where there are many pet shops in the same area. You can observe this in Arranque, Cartimar, Tiendesitas and other places where plenty of pet animals are sold.

However, a pet shop may also be successful alone if it is located inside a large mall. Here the advantage of convenience and high foot traffic can give good sales to pet shops.

Invest in good displays. Make sure the containment structures are of the right size for the animals. There must be enough room for the pets to move around and maintain their health. Remember that some animals quickly outgrow their space.

Source from reputable dealers. Get only from sources that can provide the legal papers. Never get from illegal sources, not only to avoid future legal problems but there is also that strong possibility of getting a disease-carrier. Know what animals can be kept together. Due to space constraints, it is impractical to keep every animal in its own cage.

However, make it a point to find out which animals are antagonistic toward each other. Note that there are members of the same species that cannot be put in the same cage or aquarium.

Have a veterinarian on retainer. Your pets will need medical care, from vaccines to antibiotics and vitamins. These are the things that only qualified veterinarians know. They can also provide you valuable advice on how to best take care of the pets. Carry a line of pet supplies and accessories as well.

These will help you have a more even cash flow. You may even earn more from the supplies and accessories because they are purchased regularly. People will also want to have all they will need for their pet available in one place.


Every time they go back to your store there is also a chance that you can sell them more pets. Learn as much as you can about the pets you are selling.

Customers will patronize pet shops that can give them reliable information.No matter whether you're interested in providing hands-on pet care or selling pet products like toys, food and treats, the prospects for success in a pet-care business are excellent.

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i am a lawyer and a certified dog lover, owning 7 shih tzus and 1 golden retriever at the moment. i am very much interested in this kind of business. however, i have been trying to look for a dog grooming school in the Philippines and its been frustrating to find none.

And before you start a pet business, do the research and work through a business plan, just as you would for any other new business venture. The Business Plan Outline will lead you through the process. Wishbone Pet Products pet products manufacturer business plan market analysis summary.

Wishbone Pet Products, Inc. is a start-up company that will design and market innovative pet products. Pet Products Manufacturer Business Plan. while the number of households with children from 5 to 15, the core pet market, keeps climbing.

/5(18). Tall Drink of Water pet supplies business plan executive summary. Tall Drink of Water designs and sells elevated pet feeders in a number of styles to pet care professionals, government agencies, and .

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pet shop business plan philippines children
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