Review for quadratics test

What are some signs of student mastery? Graphical Analysis and Modeling of Quadratic Functions For linear and quadratic functions that model contextual relationships, determines and interprets key features, graphs the function, and solves problems.

Review for quadratics test

So, if you can deal with these angles you will be able to deal with most of the others. Be forewarned, everything in most calculus classes will be done in radians! Below is the unit circle with just the first quadrant filled in. The way the unit circle works is to draw a line from the center of the circle outwards corresponding to a given angle.

Then look at the coordinates of the point where the line and the circle intersect. The first coordinate is the cosine of that angle and the second coordinate is the sine of that angle.

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There are a couple of basic angles that are commonly used. Remember how the signs of angles work. If you rotate in a counter clockwise direction the angle is positive and if you rotate in a clockwise direction the angle is negative.

Review for quadratics test

So, why did I only put in the first quadrant? The answer is simple. If you know the first quadrant then you can get all the other quadrants from the first.

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Find the exact value of each of the following. Both of these angles along with their coordinates are shown on the following unit circle. This leads to a nice fact about the sine function.

These are both shown on the following unit circle along with appropriate coordinates for the intersection points. The sine function is an example of a periodic function. Periodic function are functions that will repeat themselves over and over. This leads to a nice formula for the sine function.

This is a nice idea to remember as it means that you only need to memorize the first quadrant and how to get the angles in the remaining three quadrants!TEST # 2 UNIT 2: QUADRATIC FUNCTIONS NAME: PART A: MULTIPLE CHOICE (Value: 10) Choose the correct answer and place its letter in the space at the right.

1. Which quadratic function graphed below has a vertex at (3, – 2)? Which quadratic function has an axis of symmetry of x = 2 and a minimum 8. value of – 4? (A) y = 3(x + 2). December 18, Quadratic functions: review page 1 Quadratics functions: review Monday, December 15, we will have a quiz on quadratic functions.

Today’s packet has review problems and some additional applications. December 18, Quadratic functions: review page 2 2. Here is a quadratic function: f(x) = –2x2 – 8x – 8. a. This is an end of topic test covering: expanding, factorising, solving and problem solving with quadratics. The questions become challenging towards the end, but can be easily edited.

A quadratic function may be easily sketched by finding just a few points. The most important part of the quadratic function is its vertex. Recall that the x -value of the vertex of the quadratic function, f (x) = ax ² + bx + c, can be found by applying the formula, x = –b/ (2 a).

Unit 2 Test Multiple Choice Solve the quadratic equation by completing the square. ____ 6. x2 10x 22 0 a. 5r 27 c. r3 b. 5r3 d. 10r 27 ____ 7. The function y 16t2 models the height y in feet of a stone t seconds after it is dropped from the edge of a vertical cliff. How long will it .

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